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CTResources's Online Technology Store

The Firewall and Network Security Services provided by CTResources is a full-service solution that maintains edge network protection for any small to mid-size organization. With the deployment of an on-premises Next-Generation Firewall, the organization's network will be protected from outside threats that can compromise critical assets and disrupt business continuity. This Next-Generation Firewall scans incoming and outgoing network traffic for Malware and other suspicious activity, stopping attackers in their tracks.

Included with this service is remote management and monitoring of the Firewall by CTResources. Threats discovered will be identified and mitigated should they occur. Reporting and VPN configuration is also available upon request. Optional Wi-Fi management and access available for an additional cost.

The Firewall and Network Security Services include the following:

  • On-site Edge Firewall Lease
  • New Installation Setup
  • Remote Configuration Management
  • Remote Monitoring of Threats and Security Events
  • Intrusion Prevention and DDoS Protection
  • VPN Access to Network (Setup by request)
  • Monthly Billing


Business-Class Wi-Fi

This service enables secure wireless access through the entire building by connecting one or more wireless access points to the Firewall’s wireless network controller. Organizations of any size can find a solution that fits with their needs. From using the built-in Wi-Fi antenna on the Firewall to deploying dozens of Enterprise-class wireless access points across the entire building, there is a solution that can fit any size. Wireless access points can also be deployed to branch offices to expand the same wireless network to multiple locations (requires Additional Branch services.)

Services Include:

  • New Installation Setup (extended cabling can be provided at additional cost)
  • Remote Wi-Fi Configuration Management
  • Remote Monitoring of the Wireless Network
  • One Base Station Wireless Access Point Included, extra APs are available to lease
  • Monthly Billing


Protect Additional Branch Locations

 This service securely connects multiple branch locations back to the main office Firewall. It centralizes all network security and enables employees to share the same corporate network and have access to all resources (server, wireless, printers, etc.) from any office location.  

Services Include:

  • On-site Secure Remote Ethernet Device Lease
  • New Installation Setup
  • Remote Configuration Management
  • Remote Monitoring of Threats and Security Events
  • Corporate Network Shared with all Branch Locations
  • Monthly Billing