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CTResources's Online Technology Store

The Managed Endpoint and Server Protection Services provided by CTResources is a full-service solution that provides computer and server threat protection for any small to mid-size organization. Organization's computers and servers are the most vulnerable entry point for malicious viruses and other cyber security threats. If infected, not only can information on the machine be compromised, but they can also spread the malicious software to other devices on the network.
This Next-Generation Endpoint and Server protection provides real-time analysis by using artificial intelligence to conduct deep learning to stop the most advanced threats. It also provides anti-ransomware technology that detects malicious encryption processes and shuts them down before they can spread across your network.
Included with this service is remote management and monitoring of the protected Endpoint and Server machines by CTResources. Threats discovered will be identified and mitigated should they occur. If the threat cannot be cleaned remotely, CTResoures will work with the organization to provide assistance with threat removal. 
The Endpoint and Server Protection Services can also sync up and work together with the Firewall offered with the separate Firewall and Network Security Services to provide even greater protection and network security.
The Endpoint and Server Protection Services include the following:
  • Remote Installation Deployment Assistance
  • Remote Configuration Management
  • Remote Monitoring of Detected Threats, Malware, and Viruses
  • Threat Removal and Cleanup Assistance
  • Ransomware Detection and Blocking
  • Server Specific Functionality: Application Whitelisting, Server Lockdown,
  • and File-integrity Monitoring
  • Integration with CTResources’s Firewall and Network Security Services Firewall
  • (if subscribed)
  • Supported on Windows, MacOS, and Linux devices
  • Monthly Billing